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A page that integrates with Eventbrite

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Now you can sync your Eventbrite listings and event ticketing within your Yapp by adding a Tickets template page.

When you add the Tickets page, you'll see a panel on the right with a space to log in or register for Eventbrite.

Click "LOG IN" and enter your Eventbrite credentials to connect your account to your Yapp.

Once you allow the connection, the right panel will populate with the events you have created on Eventbrite.

If you want to choose one of the events that you've created and is linked under your account, click the check box, and then select "Import" at the bottom of the right panel.

If you want to import an event that a friend or co-worker created, you can import the event using it's Eventbrite link once you've logged in (see the field in the right well that says "copy and past eventbrite URL".

Once you import an event, it will populate the page similar to an Invitation or Information page, but with a 'Buy Now!' button.

Click the 'Edit' button if you want to adjust any details, and the page is editable just like an Invitation or Information page.

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