The Announcements page is most often used for the app admin(s) to send out notifications about their event to their audience. This is great for updates like "Buses are leaving" or "See the updated Documents page for the Keynote deck." This page type supports both text and photos posts.

Note: An Announcements page is a configured Social Feed page. The settings on the Announcements page are configured to allow only admins to post in list view with push notifications are turned on for new posts. You can change these settings.

Posts are added from your mobile device.  You cannot currently add items to the Announcements page from the online editor. To post from your phone or tablet, tap the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then enter your message or photo.

Any time a user posts to the Announcements page, those who have downloaded the app will receive a notification. If you want to change your notification settings, follow these steps.

As the app creator you can delete posts from the Announcements page.

In the Editor, you can restrict posting access on your Yapp to only the administrator.

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