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Multi-Track Schedule Page

A page organized by track or category, for events and more

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Our Multi-Track page allows you to break complex schedules into tracks, groups, days -- anything you desire to make them a little more digestible. You can also use our Multi-Track page for breaking down other types of pages by category or topic, such as having "Resources" as the track, and sub-pages like Articles, Guides, and Videos.

Adding a track

You can add tracks by clicking the "Edit" button in the upper right corner. You can also use this to edit the names or color tags for the tracks. Add a new track by clicking "Add a New Track."

Changing a tracks color

You'll be able to name the track and choose a color for it, either by selecting from the color bar OR entering a HEX code.

Adding & Viewing events

To add events into the tracks, click on the track name and then click the '+' button. 

You can then input events just as you would on our schedule page.

If you have a lot of events to enter, you can use our .csv upload tool.  If you want to attach documents to schedule items, read the following article.

"View All Events" item

Clicking "View All Events" will allow users to see all the events you have added to all tracks in one place, sorted by date, time and alphabetically by title. If you don't want this item to appear, or you would like to customize its title, Click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the main Multi-track page and scroll down for options:

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