With teams, multiple users can work on a shared collection of apps. Users can

  • Edit the app (currently, we suggest not simultaneously)
  • Post to admin-only News Feed and Crowd Pics pages from the app
  • Add pages and content

Creating a team

On your dashboard, right under the orange create button, you will see a button to create a new team. Click or tap to create a new team.

You'll see a modal asking you to name your team. Put in something that people will recognize.

Once your team is created, you'll see your Teams dashboard.

Inviting people to your team

In the Team manager, you can add a photo, edit the name of your team, invite new members and delete those you no longer wish to have editing access.

Inviting new Team members is as easy as clicking 'Invite Members' and entering their email addresses (separated by commas).

The invitation email will read:

"[Owner's name] would like you to help edit apps for the team [Team Name]."

If you have a team photo, it will show in the email, and will include a link to get them started as a member of your Team by signing up for Yapp (if they haven't already), or automatically adding them to your team.

It will come from [Owner's name] via Yapp.

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