How do I share my app?

Tips for distributing or sharing your app

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Sharing your app is as simple as sharing a link! Once you have published your app for the first time, your dashboard will show you the app's share URL, which starts with "". You can use any method you would normally use to share a link to share this one. We've built a few easy ways to do for you, from both the web after you publish, and from your phone once you've downloaded it.

From the web:

When you go to your Yapp dashboard, you’ll see a link below your app. That link is what you share with your friends so they can easily install your app.

When someone visits this link on their phones, it will direct them to download the Yapp container app if they haven't already. Once they've downloaded Yapp, your app will install automatically inside.

If the person visits the link on a computer, we've still got you covered. They can view a web-based preview of the app (note: this is disabled for non-default privacy settings). The page also includes your app's QR code, which they can scan with their smartphone.

If someone tells you they are having trouble with the link on a computer, have them make sure there isn't a "www." in front of the "" portion of the link.

You can also share straight from your dashboard page using email, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS, as well as being able to download a QR Code you could include in any printed materials or signage.


From your phone:

When you open up the Yapp container, find the app you'd like to share (or add it first) and open it.

Tap the 3-line icon in the upper left corner.

When you click "Share," a list of options will appear.

Choose if you'd like to text, email, AirDrop, Dropbox, or share your app with people another way.

Now that you know the mechanics, check out some helpful Tips & Tricks to sharing your app.

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