Yes! If you need to update anything in your app (e.g. a schedule item, pictures in the gallery, etc.), you can do it from the online editor.  Once you click the Publish button again, the changes will update in your app automatically.

Users will receive a message the next time that they open Yapp, prompting them to load the new update.

If you want to be sure they see/know what has changed, we suggest typing a message into the News Feed, as that will send out as a push notification.

This is the beauty of the Yapp platform — no need to wait anxiously by your inbox for approval from the app store!

On a phone? Currently, you can't edit an app from your mobile phone, but our team is hard at work to make editing more accessible. Click "Create a Yapp" in the YappBox menu to send yourself a reminder link to check out Yapp when you're back at your desk.

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