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Guide to the Online Editor

Basic explanation of the sections of the editor

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The Online Editor is where you make your app all yours! You can customize your app to look how you would like with all of your relevant content right from your computer or tablet. Watch our editor tutorial video here, or follow the step by step instructions and annotated photos below.

 Your Workspace:

Your workspace is composed of a few different elements, which you see above.

  1. The App Page List l shows you all of your pages on the left. From here, you can rearrange, add, rename, delete, and hide a page. 

  2. The Page Content section on the right allows you to easily manage page content.

  3. The Preview is where you can style your cover, add information to your app pages and see a general preview of how it will look on the phone.

  4. The Theme Chooser lets you customize the look and feel of your app. When you click the arrow, the bar expands to show you all the color and light/dark style options.

  5. By clicking the Publish button, your app link will be generated so that you can check it out on the web preview or on your phone or tablet. Once your link has been generated, the button changes to say Publish.

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The Pages Panel:

Here, you can add and rearrange your pages.

  • Click Add Page to choose additional pages for your app.

  • Choose from one of our template pages. There is no limit on the number of pages you can add to your app

  • Preview the page with the image on the right.

  • Select the page by clicking the 'Add A...Page' button under the preview image.

The Right Column

Some pages (e.g. Documents, Social Feed, Videos, People, Schedule) use the panel on the right side of the screen for additional editing capabilities. You can rearrange or delete images, videos, or people entries, and see the file names and total count of items on a page. You can also access our .csv upload tool on some of these pages from this right hand section.

 On a phone? Currently, you can't edit your app from your mobile phone.

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