How do I make a Yapp?

a 6-step how-to on how to create an app

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Go to from your computer's or tablet's browser and follow the below steps to create and publish a Yapp.

On a phone? Currently, you can't create an app from your mobile phone.

1. Hit the Blue "Get Started" button and sign up for an account

It's free and no credit card is required!

2. Edit the look and feel of your app

Set up your cover page, then select your style from the bar at the top of your screen.

3. Add pages to your app

We start you off with a few pages, but you can always add more by hitting "add page" at the bottom of your page list on the left

4. Add content: 

Add information, a schedule of events, photos, documents, and more to the app by filling out the pages and adding your own.

You can navigate through the app by clicking on the pages in the left-side panel or by clicking on a page in the tab bar.

5. Preview or Publish:

When you are happy with your Yapp, click the orange Preview or Publish button on the bottom left of the Editor. This will not share the app with anyone.

6. Invite yourself or the world:  

After you hit publish, you will get an easy download URL with a unique Yapp ID that you can share via email, SMS text, social media, or print-on materials. 

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