Sizing images properly can be a pain and we've worked hard to eliminate that pain wherever possible. In this article we'll break down the several pages in our app where images can be uploaded. 


Covers have the most restrictive requirements around image dimensions. On the standard cover. 

Rich Text Pages

Images uploaded to rich text pages (including the description section of Schedule items and bios in People) can be any size you need it to be. We dynamically resize them when they are displayed to look the best on the screen while using the least amount of bandwidth. Ideally, your images are at least 500px wide


People images, like images uploaded to rich text pages, can be whatever you want. We provide tools in our editor to choose the square crop that the image will be displayed as. Ideally, your images are at least 500px wide


Our sponsor page is designed to work well with logo images. Ideally, you will get logos on a white background of at least 500px wide, but again our editor will do its best to make your app look great .

General Tips around Image editing

  • Pixlr (great for adjusting the size for 1  image quickly)

Other notes:

Please note that we currently don't support animated .gifs.

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