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What is Yapp?

Brief of introduction to Yapp

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With Yapp, it's a snap to create great looking, fully featured, affordable mobile applications for your event or organization.  

Yapp is a self-service online platform that allows users to create mobile event applications with no coding knowledge. With our easy-to-use app builder you can: 

  • create, design, and edit a custom, mobile app within minutes.

  • access our Editor from anywhere including your laptop, phone, and tablet so that attendees and other participants connect better, know where to be when, and have access to key event information at the tap of their fingers. 

  • save on printing costs, avoid logistical headaches, and increase attendance at your events by making data-driven decisions using our analytics dashboard. 

  • ensure that no one misses any announcements or schedule changes at your events with constant upgrades and maintenance, and 24/7 support from our team who is obsessed with providing a great user experience.

Yapp has dozens of great features that help event planners, project managers, and training professionals wow and engage their audiences. 

Our users have created over 350,000 apps on Yapp and we hope you will be next!

Some examples of apps that you can create with Yapp include:

  • Conference/Trade Show app

  • Meetup/Networking app

  • Online Webinar app

  • Employee Training app

  • Student Info Session app

  • Company Retreat app

  • Music Festival app

  • and just about any app you can dream up!

We aspire to treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and to provide great service and transparency. So feel free to reach out to us at with any questions, feedback, or feature requests any time.

Happy Yapping! 😊

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