YAPP (n): An app, only better -- created by you.

With Yapp, it's a snap to create great looking, full featured, affordable mobile applications for your event or organization.  

Yapp is an online, self-service, SAAS platform to create mobile event apps.  Huh?! What does that jargon mean you might be asking.  

  • Online - you create and edit your app at http://yapp.us from your computer's or tablets browser.  Read how it works.
  • Self-service - you create the app yourself via are incredibly easy to use editor.*
  • SAAS - stands for software as a service. This means that you don't download anything on your computer, you don't need a license key, and you can access our Editor from anywhere. It's how most modern software is delivered today.  With Yapp, it also means no contracts or sales people to deal with, transparent pricing, and constant upgrades and maintenance.
  • Mobile event app - is an app that runs on smartphones that helps attendees and other participants connect better, know where to be when, and have access to key event information at the tap of their fingers.  Mobile event apps help event organizers save printing costs, avoid logistical headaches, improve their events through data, and more. 

Yapp has dozens of great features that help event planners, project managers, and training professionals wow and engage their audiences. You can read about just a few of Yapp's success stories here.  

Our users have created over 350,000 apps on Yapp and we hope you will be next!

We aspire to treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and to provide great service and transparency.  You can read more about our company here.

Happy Yapping!

 **It's so easy anyone from Interns to Executives to 90-year-old grandmas have created apps with Yapp.  But if you do want us to create an app for you, you can inquire about our concierge service.

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