Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for working in the editor

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Our editor supports a handful of keyboard shortcuts you may find useful.

  • Ctrl+E is the equivalent to clicking "Edit" on a page

  • Ctrl+N is the equivalent of pressing the "+" button on a page that can have multiple list items.

  • Cmd+Enter (Mac) / Ctrl+Enter (Windows) is the equivalent of pressing Done/Save/Update to accept and save your changes.

  • The Escape key will cancel out of editing in a form, or close a nested page if you have drilled down to a schedule item in a multitrack page, for example.

  • (Cmd+V (Mac) / Ctrl+V (Windows) while hovering over an image upload UI will let you upload the image on your clipboard

Do you have ideas for other actions you wish had an easy keyboard shortcut? Let us know!

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