🚨Banner Ads are currently a paid private beta feature. If you're interested, please get in touch! 🚨

How Banner Ads work in a Yapp App

We are currently exploring support for adding banner advertising to our mobile experience. This will allow you to present mobile banner ads at the bottom of whatever pages you choose. 

In detail: 

  • You can attach an arbitrary number of ads to any arbitrary number of top level pages (Top level pages are pages like your schedule list, but not an individual schedule item)
  • Ads will be randomly displayed on those pages
  • Ads will slide away when the user scrolls down and reappear when they reach the top of the page
  • Ads can be hidden by the user on a page. The ads will reappear when they navigate to another page

Ad Creative Specs

  • Ads will follow the IAB spec for mobile banner ads
  • Ads must be a minimum of 640px x 100px (for retina displays)
  • Optional sizes can be provided for are: 1x: 320px x 50px and 3x: 960px x 150px
  • Max files size: 50KB
  • Max loops (if animated): 3 times, 
  • File types: GIF , JPG , PNG 
  • Ads will have a X on the top right of the ad that can hide the ad for the current page view
  • The x is 14px square
  • The x has a touch target of 24px
  • The x is semitransparent (#000000  at 40%)


This is a new beta feature and doesn't yet include a few features that we anticipate may be must-have for some customers:

  • There are not yet Editor capabilities for self-service updates to banners and where they appear. For now, banners images and links conforming to spec would be provided via support channels to an integration engineer, who would configure the app for you. 
  • There are also no analytics of any kind yet.
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