When you're adding videos to our video page, some settings may have to be adjusted for them to appear.

YouTube and Vimeo videos that are listed as "Private" will not embed into our system.


If you want your video to show up in Yapp, but don't want it to be totally public on the web, try making in unlisted. This means is can only be shared by the link and can't be discovered via search.

Go into your Video Manager on YouTube and find the video you want to adjust. In Basic Info, change your settings from Private to Unlisted.



On Vimeo, you can specify your privacy settings and add password protection to your videos.

If you want your video to show up in Yapp, we suggest you select "Only people with a password", then assign a password to your video.

Then, make sure to select "Anywhere" in the section that specifies where the video can be embedded.

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