Our Multi-track Schedule page allows you to break complex schedules into tracks, groups, days -- anything you desire to make them a little more digestible.*

You can add tracks by clicking the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner. You can also use this to edit the names or color tags for the tracks.

Add a new track by clicking 'Add a New Track'

You'll be able to name the track and choose a color for it, either by selecting from the color bar OR entering a HEX code.

To add events into the tracks, click on the track name and then click the '+' button.

You can then input events just as you would on our Basic schedule page.

To view all the events you've added, click 'View All Events'

If you have a lot of events, don't enter them one at a time! We can upload them for you. See this article on how it works.

  • If you are on a Legacy Plan (signed up for Yapp before 10/20/15), this is a Yapp Plus feature.
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